VIS offers a broad-based education with plenty of opportunities for its multi-cultural student body to participate in sports, arts and other cultural activities

School Library

The VIS  library has been organized to meet the needs of our learning community in the most effective manner. We have the Senior School library which contains a unique collection of rare Ugandan books. The Library team consists of four capable staff members who are available to serve our learning community.

Learning Environment

The library is the hub of the VIS community where the library team, teachers and students jointly create and maintain a learning environment with access to a wide range of print and non-print information resources. The mission of the library is to foster in our students a love of reading and the development of life-long learning abilities in information discovery while facilitating learner agency. The collection of library resources is developed in collaboration with the teachers in order to directly support and enhance the school’s curriculum requirements and the PYP, MYP and DP programs.

After School Activities

After School Activities are planned to be an extension of learning for our students. The ASA’s are geared towards teaching students new skills and giving them chance to try new activities as well as build on skills over a period of time.

We endeavor to offer a balance of ASA’s in the following categories:

  • Sport (Competitive and Noncompetitive)
  • Dance
  • The Arts
  • Extension of Academics
  • Other (Martial Arts, Life Skills, Cultural etc.)